Some Unique Products

We have been spending a lot of time attending trade shows, visiting stores, and scouring the web reviewing products.  We have come across a bunch of awesome ones, some more practical than others.  Here are some of the highlights...

hot-pot bbq from black + blum

Some people say that sitting all day is unhealthy.
FOCAL recently introduced this "standing seat" which
we tried at ICFF.  It was comfortable and sleek.  

Locus Seat from FOCAL

This water bottle is great because when it's empty you 
can fold it up and put it in your pocket or purse.
bubi bottle 

 We saw this tea pot at Oren's, a great NYC coffee shop.
Camel tea pot

 This is a very simple product, but the function
is great.  The picture doesn't really do it justice,
you can view a demo video here

No, this is not a's a washcloth.
Tiramisu Cupcake Washcloth from Prairie Dog

city coat rack from Radius Design

Keep your wine cool with this cool product.

"Hug" Salt & Pepper Shakers from Mint

Not really for city dwellers, but for those suburban folk 
who think their garbage cans look naked there is a solution!
Garbage Pantz

Please share if you like these products or comment to let us know your favorites!


Unknown said...

I like the Locus Seat from FOCAL -- looks like it would be a great way to keep good posture at the office!

Anonymous said...

I am moving to the burbs so I can have fancy trash cans

Dan Berger said...

I need to get that camel tea pot for my Egyptian friend's Mom!

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