Some New Features...

We've recently introduced some new features on MerchantFuse.  Here is a recap...

Multiple Users
Now you can invite multiple users to join your company account on MerchantFuse! To invite a new user, log in and visit Account Settings, accessible from the drop down menu located at the top right corner of the page.  Click on Team Information on the left hand side menu.  Enter the email address for the user that you would like to invite.

Wholesale Ordering on MerchantFuse

We are excited to announce that wholesale ordering is now live on MerchantFuse! This means that any retailer may place an order directly on our site, and any wholesale company can utilize our platform as its own wholesale storefront.

We already have a number of wholesale companies accepting orders on MerchantFuse.  See a complete list of companies here, or view their products here.

How to be Successful in Retail: Customer Service All Stars

I love great customer service stories.  They are inspirational and they embody what good business is about: delivering on a promise, honoring one's word, and focusing on the big picture instead of the short term impact of a decision.

There are customer service all stars everywhere and in every type of business.  Below are great customer service stories from some customer service all stars.  Each of these individuals is extremely successful because they bring the "How does this make the customer happy?" mentality to everything that they do.  Each story is an excerpt from each of these all stars's books.

How to be Successful in Retail: Customer Service

Most are likely aware that excellent customer service is an important element of success in retail.  However, what might be less clear is what excellent customer service means.  It is surprising how many companies (in both retail and other industries) forget about the simple concept that I put forth in the introduction to this series of posts: success in retail is about making the customer happy.

How to Be Successful in Retail: Make the Customer Happy

For as long as I can remember people fixate on things that threaten parts of the retail business.  Recent issues grabbing headlines include showrooming and competing with Amazon.  Previously people wondered how retailers would survive the recession, and before that everyone was worried about Walmart taking over the retail world.  The conversations evolve, as does the retail business, however the core elements of retail remain unchanged.  Being successful in retail is about making the customer happy.

How to Think About Big Data in Retail

Big Data is the epitome of a buzzword.  It is overused, often misunderstood, and seems to always have a nebulous air to it.  This is because Big Data is a very broad term.  It can have different applications and meanings for different industries.  One company that utilizes Big Data might do something completely differently from another company that uses Big Data.  Even though it is non-descriptive, it is a popular term, and it seems that we are all relegated to using it until we can find language to better capture the specific situations in which Big Data has an impact.  Hopefully this post will help you to think about how Big Data is impacting retail.