Wholesale Ordering on MerchantFuse

We are excited to announce that wholesale ordering is now live on MerchantFuse! This means that any retailer may place an order directly on our site, and any wholesale company can utilize our platform as its own wholesale storefront.

We already have a number of wholesale companies accepting orders on MerchantFuse.  See a complete list of companies here, or view their products here.

We are excited about this development because it means that we are able to provide a more complete product for our users.  Previously the primary purpose of MerchantFuse was to enable retailers to discover and vet new companies and products.  While this remains an important part of what we offer, we now provide a comprehensive platform from discovery to ordering.  When a retailer and vendor connect on MerchantFuse, they now have the option to conduct a transaction on our platform and take advantage of the streamlined order process that we have created.

This order process includes a simple interface for both buyer and seller.  Retailers can purchase products by adding them to a shopping cart and paying with a credit card, or pay later based on terms defined by the vendor.  Retailers can stay up to date on an order's status by visiting the order status page.  Placing a reorder is easy, a retailer can simply click on the "Reorder" button next to any order.

Order overview page
Vendors are able to define their own order terms, create promotions, and define a list of retailers approved for ordering.  It's also easy to direct buyers to your wholesale page by adding a button to your own website.  Visit to see a great example.
Set up a wholesale promotion in seconds
If you are a retailer you can place a wholesale order on MerchantFuse today!  Sign up for a free account. To start we are offering the platform to wholesale vendors on a test basis.  If you are interested in accepting wholesale orders on MerchantFuse sign up for a free account, and send an email to [email protected].  

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